Dianne Tittle de LaetTHE ARETE STORYBOOK OF HEROES VOLUME II Dianne Tittle de Laet
9 x 12 PB100 Pgs • $40.00 • ISBN 978-1-60052-194-2

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The Arete Storybook of Heroes Volume II: In 2023, The Arete Fund and The FOUGARO ART CENTER in Nafplio, Greece, initiated an educational project that explores the theme of the hero in our time and celebrates the heroes of the future in the home of those Greek heroes from the past, namely Heracles, as well as Perseus and the famed poetess, Telesilla of Argos, among others. This Greek-American collaboration involves artists and educators, all of whom seek to reacquaint Greek youth with some of the historical and cultural sites that pertain to the Heracles legend, and to encourage their own quest to define the hero for themselves through a variety of artistic media.

The site of this creative exploration of the hero theme is a restored Greek farmhouse in the Artemesio mountains of Greece as well as the beautiful Fougaro which was inspired, in part, by its founder’s dedication to the creative life of the child and the rights of the imagination of the child in a media driven age. A shared value underscores The Arete Storybook of Heroes, Volumes I and II. In The Arete Storybook I, we invite children to ask the abiding question: What is a hero? The Arete Storybook II continues the collection of fables or short stories in illustration of a maxim or essential truth to live by. It is the author’s intent that the fables serve as working tools for reflection and that each reader heed the “call to action” in light of or his own life experience.

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