Dieter TrempSPIRIT OF PLACES Dieter Tremp
9.25 x 12 HC76 Pgs • $80.00 • ISBN 978-1-60052-134-8

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Dieter Tremp’s Spirit of Places explores the innate spiritual power of places and structures on Earth – a spiritual force discovered and frequently explored by successive cultures. Magnificent buildings and stories of remarkable power and impact were created around these places. Often in ruins by now, these places have retained their resident spirit, frequently even more noticeable in ruined form than in the original. Dieter Tremp’s Spirit of Places paintings and installation have viewers recognize and experience this innate potential. Painted in semi-abstract manner with deeply textured surfaces using an innovative rubbing technique, the large paintings shift in appearance between distant views and close-up abstraction, emphasizing aspects of mystery and time. The highly regarded inaugural installation at California’s Commonweal Gallery Exhibition Center comprised of fourteen individual paintings “floating” in the historical space’s center in a large oval much reminiscent of megalithic stone circles themselves. Artist Dieter Tremp was born and educated on the Baltic shore in Germany’s Scandinavian North. Tremp now lives and works in California, where his work can be found in numerous public and private collections

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