Mark MitchellROSHI SAN FRANCISCO Mark Mitchell
6 x 8 PB120 Pgs • $25.00 • ISBN 978-1-60052-169-0

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San Francisco, cornered between sea and sky, is Mount Olympus. It is where he talks to the Gods. They are all here, along the geography of the town, hiding within the wind and fog, sliding down the hills and huddled up across the bridges. He is a master of his town, crossing the cobbles and the alleys, guiding acolytes between Edwardian bays and windowed walls. A Roshi is a master: Mitchell has mastered the city’s moods, its mountains, and its weather, its overlooked gems and foibles. “San Francisco itself is Art”, said William Saroyan. The year is 2020. And like most metropolis cities, San Francisco is being reborn. Will the streets depicted hold their luster? Why don’t you come along for the ride, and find out!

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