RED LIGHT LIT – Volume 8: Everyone I Love is Drunk

Volume 8: Everyone I Love is DrunkRED LIGHT LIT Volume 8: Everyone I Love is Drunk
7 x 10 PB86 Pgs • $17.00 • ISBN 978-1-60052-120-1

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EVERYONE I LOVE IS DRUNK is an exploration of intemperance in poetry, prose, and art. It’s an assortment of intoxicating tales, ranging from the sensual effect of alcohol as in Michael Cantin’s poem “Whiskey,” to the comical and destructive nature as in Steven Sachse’s poem “My Girlfriend Is So Drunk,” Steven Gray’s essay “Who Put the Toxic into Intoxication?” and Ari Moskowitz’s short story “Vegas Doubleheader.” There are also more abstract expressions of euphoria such as in Diana Rosinus’ “Sips,” a poem structured in segments so that it reads like a drunken memory fragment, and Cecilia Llompart’s “The Book of Loss,” which reads as a dreamy love hangover. The artwork captures both the recklessness and elation of being drunk on the beauty of life and reflects on overindulgence. Featuring artist Blanda Eggenschwiller, whose style combines collage, printmaking, and drawing into a singular expression of feminine form, and photographed by Kana Manglapus. Cover art by Michelle Tholen.

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