MY NAME IS Y – Doreen Stock

Doreen StockMY NAME IS Y Doreen Stock
6 x 9 PB158 Pgs • $15.00 • ISBN 978-1-60052-154-6

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With her poet’s pen, Doreen Stock brings her own remembered experience to life on every page of this haunting memoir—the story of a woman navigating her daily roles as wife, mother, writer, political activist. Each word waxes rich with the everyday texture of living—the quiet moments between husband and wife, the family breakfast rituals, the soccer matches, the fragrance of violets. Because Ms. Stock conveys so vividly the sanctity of each observed moment, her book also conveys her deep concern with all that threaten to destroy it—the guns, the nuclear threat. More than a memoir, really, My Name is Y contemplates what it means to be awake to the beauty and the challenge of being alive in our own times.

Jaqueline Kudler, Poet, Memoir and Literature Instructor, College of Marin

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