JOSEPH SLUSKY SCULPTURE 1965-1975 – Joseph Slusky

Joseph SluskyJOSEPH SLUSKY SCULPTURE 1965-1975 Joseph Slusky
9 x 9 PB128 Pgs • $30.00 • ISBN 1-60052-045-6

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Beyond the more immediate art Beyond the more immediate art historical roots of my work in the Cubist, Constructivist and Surrealist Movements is a sensibility in which everything one encounters in the visual realm is grist for absorption and sculptural transformation. My earlier work from 1965-1975 with its automotive, pearlescent paint surfaces, reflects my teenage years in Los Angeles where I frequented the yearly automotive shows held at the Pan Pacific Auditorium. There one could see and touch the latest, futuristic designs created by General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. In addition, an undergraduate degree in architecture has imbued my work with architectonic and structural references. The gestural, figurative aspect of my work can be traced to my competition in gymnastics throughout high school and college.

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