ISLAND OF ZA – Doug Lawler

Doug LawlerISLAND OF ZA Doug Lawler
8 x 10 HC106 Pgs • $120.00 • ISBN 978-0-692-13340-8

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Early in 2016, the Oakland, California based printmaker Doug Lawler, began a creative voyage that has taken him deep into the cavernous, enchanted, and shapeshifting world of the “Island of Za.” In 100+ intricately-detailed, sepia-toned dry point etchings he has created, what he calls a “wordless fable.”

Doug envisions and develops the environment to totality. The details of the images suggest that the world of the Island is filled with its own set of cultures, fears, values, and obstacles. http://blog.ugallery.com/art/artist-of-the-week-doug-lawler-from-the-island-of-za

The plot constantly twists and turns – introducing new settings, revisiting previous storylines, and connecting the characters.

In Doug’s fable, the moral is not meant to preach a message. Instead, it’s meaning is dispensed slowly – both episodically and holistically – and is individualized to the viewer.

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