IN THE MOMENT – Randall C. Sexton

Randall C. SextonIN THE MOMENT Randall C. Sexton
8 x 10 PB130 Pgs • $60.00 • ISBN 1-60052-024-3

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My paintings are a direct response to the world around me as I strive to be “in the moment.” Each painting is a simple sentence in an ongoing story that will take a lifetime to unfold…much like a visual diary. The collection of images in this book represents a range of paintings done between late 2004 and 2007. During this time I made significant changes in my life, which included the purchase and remodel of a home in the historic town of Vallejo, California and a subsequent move to a studio space in nearby Crockett. After 25 years as an artist working in San Francisco, the new location/studio provided additional challenges and inspiration. I started a series of still-lifes based on old toys and musical instruments. Regional Soap Car Derby races became the focus for another series. The beautiful landscape of the “wine country” is now our backyard while the spectacle of San Francisco looms large on the horizon. I’ve been able to revisit various themes and subject matter with a fresh eye and to move forward… “in the moment.” -Randy C. Sexton

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