EARTH JOSEPH SLUSKY DRAWING 1991-2001 – Joseph Slusky

Joseph SluskyEARTH JOSEPH SLUSKY DRAWING 1991-2001 Joseph Slusky
9 x 9 PB224 Pgs • $35.00 • ISBN 1-60052-070-7

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The drawings that comprise the series entitled Earth were done on business cards. Being able to carry all the materials needed for creating these images with me, in essence becoming a mobile studio had an attraction that stood in sharp contrast to the metal fabrication studio I had in Berkeley from 1966-1998. Ten years ago, the title “Earth” occurred while compiling a Xerox portfolio of theses business card images. The title was recently reinforced while watching documentary videos showing unmanned moon, mars and Venus landers probing the surfaces of these new worlds, while sending back images to Earth for the first time. I imagined that I was an alien traveler arriving on Earth for the first time. These drawings are a record of that encounter. JS_

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