BRUSH OF THE CAT – Kitty Yin Ling Miao

Kitty Yin Ling MiaoBRUSH OF THE CAT Kitty Yin Ling Miao
9 x 9 HC112 Pgs • $150.00 • ISBN 978-1-60052-117-1

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Kitty Yin Ling Miao is an artist, poet, and scholar specializing in ancient Chinese bone and turtle script (sometimes called oracle bone script). She is renowned for her unique style integrating Chinese calligraphic techniques, pictorial painting, and western etchings to create vibrant living sketches of animal life. Born in Hong Kong in 1947 to a family suffused with Chinese cultural tradition, she grew up in two worlds. At the age of six she was already studying the three Chinese arts, the “Three Perfections”—painting, calligraphy and poetry. As her talents emerged, she was encouraged to pursue her studies overseas at 16, and was soon enrolled in the prestigious St Martin’s College of Art in London.

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